Four thirty
Coffee, black, no sugar
One dollar, thirty three cents.
Two dollars and sixty six cents.
I bought yours too, mostly because your dad is a dick

Waiting, watching
That beat up leather couch
Worn by what we imagined to be decades
Of individuals just like us in that they were completely unlike anyone else
The sun has just started dipping below the city skyline. You looked to me and smile
The game is on.
Three hours,
Five run red lights,
One narrowly avoided high speed chase
And we sit watching from our perch on the hill
The last sunset as the rays of red disappear beneath the sea.

I still go chasing sunsets sometimes
I follow the laws more carefully
More worried about getting caught than I was at dumb sixteen
Or sometimes I just smile into my rearview.
Watching the sunset and thinking of cheap black coffee
And Chasing sunsets.